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Media Studies

Ms Yiannopoulos - Joint Subject Leader    
Ms Rendle - Joint Subject Leader

Curriculum Intent

The Media Faculty is a successful, forward thinking and dynamic department characterised by a strong sense of collaboration and enthusiasm for our students and our subject. We strive to foster within our pupils a love for all media forms so that by the end of their education they have become:

Informed – students enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum with the opportunity to study a variety of texts that span over all type of media forms: from contemporary to historical and across all types of representation within society. Additionally, students explore media theories and how they can be applied throughout everyday life.  Where possible we like to create cross-curricular opportunities that help enrich the students’ curriculum. 

Creative – we aim to develop our students’ ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts and ensure that students are able to use accurate, standard English and media terminology when expressing themselves in discussion, debate and analysis. We nurture our students’ imaginations so that whether they are either writing an analysis or producing a text, it is the student’s voice which can be heard.

Empathetic – we encourage students to explore the themes and ideas inherent in all cultures, to respond sensitively to global issues and to raise their awareness.

Engaged Learners – teaching within the Media Faculty is dynamic, creative and inspiring. Through the love of our subject, we aim to instil an interest in the media industry and a deeper understanding of the important role it plays in our everyday lives and in society as a whole. To compound this, we provide regular enrichment activities including production studio trips and talks/videos from outside speakers.

Qualified for Success – we understand the importance of formal qualifications and are proud of our successful track record of results and student progress. We provide accurate, regular and effective feedback to prepare students for their next stage of learning whether it be in the classroom or the wider world. We have high expectations of students’ conduct and progress and strive to support all students, whatever their ability, to be successful and ready for the next stage of their life.