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Mr Brown  - Subject Leader 
Mr Diffley - MFL
Mr McClenaghan - Spanish
Mrs Masterson - MFL

MFL Curriculum Intent

In languages, we want our students to have a happy and successful learning experience. We want to deliver high quality language lessons that should foster students’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.


Our curriculum aims to enable students to communicate in another language. We empower our students to understand and respond to French and Spanish speakers, expressing ideas and thoughts relevant to their needs. We aim to equip our students to study languages post 16 and in the longer term to be able to work with people from around the world and maybe in other countries. We focus on developing their competences in listening, speaking, reading and writing building up their independence over the years.

We intend to open students to other cultures and aim to develop their respect for others both in our communities and around the world. We want to build up their cultural capital and widen their horizons through a range of class activities, cultural events and trips.

We aim to ensure that:

  • our pupils understand and respond to written and spoken language from a variety of authentic sources
  • they speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity
  • they can write for different purposes and audiences using the variety of grammatical structures they have learnt.

Over the course of their study our students are given the skills and knowledge to become confident and independent speakers through phonics, vocabulary and grammar. Learning is organised in a spiral approach and progression is built in the curriculum. Over the course of their learning, students revisit regularly the language they learn and continually practise the skills that allow them to become good communicators.

From Year 7, we teach students the specific skills they will need later on in their study for GCSE and A Level. We adapt our teaching to cater for the needs, abilities and interests of each individual student.

Through a broad range of activities, students are taught to:

  • Identify and use tenses and other structures which convey the present, past and future 
  • Use and manipulate key grammatical structures and patterns 
  • Develop a wide vocabulary allowing them to give and justify their opinions and take part in discussion about wider issues than their immediate needs and interests. 
  • use accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation

Students also learn to:

  • Listen and respond to a variety of spoken language T
  • Transcribe words and sentences that they hear 
  • Read original and adapted materials and understand their purpose
  • Read literary texts which expand their understanding of the language and culture
  • Write creatively and translate written texts accurately from and into the target language.

We know that our students make good progress through regular assessments they take. Every term they are assessed in their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Their work is moderated to ensure consistency.

To read more about the way our curriculum across the Year groups, please look at our MFL Learning Journey and KS overviews below.

A Level French Overviews

Click here to view AQA year 1 (and AS)

Website Links to Resources

  • Active Learn. KS3 students only have access to tasks (vocabulary testing, grammar, listening and reading) but KS4 students have access to all the tasks as well as full access to the textbook used in class online. Students have their own username and password.

  • GCSE Bitesize French and Spanish: (French) (Spanish)

  • GCSE AQA MFL website with access to Listening, Reading , Speaking (Foundation and Higher Role-play cards/ Photo cards) and writing tasks to help students prepare and revise for the exam.