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Mr Perkins - Subject Leader
Miss Tucker  - Second in Department
Mr Ramsamy - Third in Department
Ms Bergmeister 
Mrs Chandrakumar  
Ms Davey 
Mr Jackson
Mrs Kite-Williams                    
Ms Riesner 
Mr Subing Subing
Mrs Styles

Curriculum Intent
Our vision
  • To promote the enjoyment and understanding of Mathematics and make links to ensure that students see maths underpins other areas of the curriculum
  • To make all students fluent and efficient in Mathematics to allow them to be ready for the next stage of their education, training or employment
  • To guide and teach students to become independent learners

Our curriculum is built with our students in mind and our focus is on ensuring we have a progressive curriculum that builds on prior knowledge and is cross-curricular. We teach for understanding and build in times to assess, reflect and improve.  


Our curriculum is currently split into year 7 and 8 and years 9, 10 and 11. The curriculum has clear progression throughout with year 7 and 8 focussing on core skills that we view to be the foundations needed to build upon at GCSE. The A01 assessment criteria: recall and use knowledge underpins the GCSE and ensuring students are efficient and fluent in these areas ensure they can build upon this in years 9-11. Year 7 and 8 focuses on Core Skills that underpin both foundation and higher GCSE. The Core skills have been developed from the White Rose Scheme and current maths colleagues, which aims to develop deep understanding, confidence and competence in Maths. At the top end, we provide opportunities for students to go deeper into their understanding rather than accelerate through the curriculum. There is also a catch-up 7 programme, which some students follow to help bridge the gap from primary to secondary.

Years 9-11 is built following on from the teachings of Core Skills in years 7 and 8 and feed into a Higher and Foundation scheme of work. Both build upon prior knowledge and give time for retrieval practice to ensure core skills have been learnt. The intent is to:

  • Develop fluent knowledge, skills and interleave and extend these into other areas of Mathematics
  • Develop Mathematical reasoning and apply to problem-solving A03 criteria 

Topics have been sequenced with progression and interleaving in mind. Topics are started with retrieval of key knowledge, and this is built upon, developed, and applied to problem-solving tasks. These topics are assessed using GCSE questions and time is given to reflect and improve.

Students who are on the higher scheme of work and demonstrate a high ability of Mathematics are stretched by completing the Further Maths GCSE in year 11. Students are also extended, where appropriate to provide an insight into how some areas of Mathematics will be developed within the KS5 Mathematics curriculum.

The focus within the KS5 curriculum is for students to extend their knowledge and make logical and reasoned decisions when solving problems both within pure mathematics and applied mathematics.

Key Stage 3 Overviews