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Special Needs Information Report

At Ifield Community College we have a comprehensive Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) policy on our graduated response to the identification and assessments of students.

To view the SEND policy please click here

How does the school know if my child needs extra help?    

At Ifield Community College we have a comprehensive SEND policy on our graduated response to the identification and assessments of students.

ICC regularly assess student’s needs via:

  • Regular assessment of student’s data
  • Transition information from primary schools
  • Teacher and Learning Support Assistant (LSA) observations of students throughout the year
  • Parental input
What should I do if I think my child may have SEN?

You should contact ICC’s Special Education Needs Co-ordinator to discuss any concerns. Amanda Jackson

How will staff support my child? 
  • A mentor will work with your child on a daily basis to address all pastoral needs
  • Progress leaders have the overview of all students and pastoral team by assessing and reviewing students’ progress
  • Subject teachers will ensure that all students, whatever their special educational needs, receive appropriate educational provision through a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant and differentiated, and that demonstrates coherence and progression in learning
  • Subject teachers will ensure that robust procedures are in place to monitor, review and evaluate learning outcomes
  • LSA’s observe students and provide regular feedback to the Inclusion Director communicating the needs of the students
  • Intervention support work is put in place where appropriate
  • Teaching staff effectively differentiate, deliver high quality teaching and have high aspirations for all students
  • The quality of SEND provision is regularly monitored by the Inclusion Director.
How will I know how my child is doing?
  • Parents’ meetings and consultations at least one per year with the Inclusion Director
  • Contact with Inclusion Director and class teachers – all staff emails can be found on the website
  • Annual Review for students with a Statement for Special Educational Needs/Education Health Care Plan
  • SENCO will meet with parents should the need arise to discuss progress/support in place
How will the learning and development provision be matched to my child's needs?
  • Careful planning by Subject teachers and leaders to ensure appropriate access and achievement for all students
  • Teachers must adapt their teaching to respond to the needs of all students
  • ICC will follow the ‘Access, Plan, Do Review intervention
  • The Inclusion Director will monitor and evaluate the progress of students with SEND through the use of school assessments information,, e.g class based assessments/records and the school’s assessment data
  • Subject teachers recognise that no one learner is like another and differentiate to provide learning opportunities for all learners
  • Progress Leaders mentoring
  • Examination Access Arrangements assessments
  •  Numeracy and Literacy Support which is delivered in small groups
  • Reviews of progress thrice a year to identify, assess and students’ progress and needs
  • Teaching Assistants support the class or subject teacher to meet the needs of individuals of groups of pupils with special needs
What Support will there be to reduce anxiety/promote emotional wellbeing?
  • At ICC we always provide variety of opportunities to listen to the student’s views including, 1:1 meetings, Student Council
  • Progress Leaders, pastoral team and emotional well-being team support students with self-esteem, anxiety and social skills
  • Personal, Social and Health Educational (PHSE) Programmes delivered focussing on anti-bullying/friendships etc.
  • Positive relationships with parents, school and students
  • Wider outcomes including extracurricular activities 
  • Medical cards and First Aid support
  • EBSA work
  • Nuture Room support throughout the school day
  • In school Occupational Therapist, Education Psychology and Counselling service
  • Forest Schools Programme
  • Referral to more specialised support, Child and mental Health Service (CAMHS, Education Psychology Service, Young Carers
What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had or are having?
  • As all teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs, they will have had appropriate and regular training on Key topics, individual needs to ensure that every students needs are met.
  • LSA’s have had appropriate personalised training to support individual students
  • The Inclusion Director will help staff to identify students with SEND
  • LSA’s are fully aware of the procedures for identifying, assessing and making provision for students with SEND
  • A robust programme of professional development is designed and maintained for both teaching and support staff
What Specialist Services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

If the teacher has tried strategies in class but data shows insufficient progress, the Inclusion Director will identify possible interventions to be put in place. If interventions show little impact, additional support/advice from outside agencies can be set up. These could include:

  • Educational Psychologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Specialist Advisory teachers – Hearing Impaired/Visually Impaired/LBAT
  • Parent Partnership
  • YES Counselling
  • Mental Health Team
How will you help me to support my child in their Learning? How will I be involved in the discussion?
  • Parent Evenings take place every year and give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher.  In addition there are three Progress Review Days when you have the opportunity to look holistically at your child’s progress and discuss with their mentor.
  • Parents will be notified if the school decides to make special education provision for their child
  • We provide regular reports on students’ progress three times per year which can be accessed on Go4Schools.
  • Regular contact with Progress Leader and the pastoral team
  • SEN Handbook disseminated to all staff with strategies to support SEND students
  • Regular SEND training for staff
How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom, including school trips?
  • Students with SEND join in school activities alongside other students, as far as is reasonable, practical and compatible with their needs
  • Appropriate provision and reasonable adjustments will be made where necessary
  • Parents of SEND will be involved in the planning of school trips for their child
  • Medical support in place where necessary
How accessible is the school environment?
  • ICC complies with Equality Act 2010 – Policy available online
  • Please see ICC Accessibility Policy online. Click here to view policies
Who can I contact for further information?

Our Inclusion Director is an expert in SEND and is fully trained Miss Jackson

How will the school prepare and support my child in transfer?
  • Careful liaison with their previous school to ensure that the transition process is effective and the individual’s needs are met when they enter ICC. This includes attending statement/EHC review meetings where relevant
  • Parent/carers of SEND students are invited in to school for a 1:1 meeting to discuss any concerns about their child
  • New year 7 Induction day to integrate students into the school and meet relevant staff
  • The Inclusion Director visits our feeder Primary Schools to discuss any concerns with the class teacher and SENCO.
How will the school's resources be allocated and matched to children's special educational needs? 
  • SEND funding distributed where appropriate
  • Exceptional Needs Funding provided via an application made by ICC to County in exceptional circumstances
How is the decision made about how much support my child will receive?
  • Parent consultation at all stages of the decision-making process is vital in addition the Inclusion Director will work with teaching and support staff, and relevant external agencies
Where can I find out about the local authorities offer of services and provision for children and young people with SEN?
  • As part of the reforms West Sussex County Council has developed a ‘local offer’ for young people and families of children with SEND.

  • Information can be found at

For a printable copy of the SEND Offer, please click here.