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Lead teacher - Mrs Parker
Email -
Qualification - GCSE
Level - Grades 9 - 1
Lessons per fortnight - 5


Course Outline

Topic 1- Memory - Structures of memory, memory as an active process, forgetting, schemas and the accuracy of memory.

Topic 2- Perception - Fields of vision and the eye, convergence and depth perception, optical illusions, and cultural factors affecting ambiguity.

Topic 3- Development - Brain development, neural structures in the womb, Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Dweck’s theory of growth mindset.

Topic 4- Research methods - Variables, sampling methods, research design, interpreting data, interviews, case studies and field data.

Topic 5- Social influence - Conformity, obedience, crowd and collective behaviour.

Topic 6-Language, thought and communication - Relationship between language and thought, human and animal communication, non-verbal communication.

Topic 7- Brain and neuropsychology - Structures of the brain, nervous system, neural communication, localisation and brain injury.

Topic 8- Psychological Problems - Mental health, mental health problems, depression, OCD, addiction, and therapies.

Exam Details 

Exam board - AQA 

Paper 1:     1 hour and 45 minutes (100 marks)
Topics 1 - 4
Multiple choice, short answer, and extended writing

Paper 2:     1 hour and 45 minutes (100 marks)
Topics 5 - 8
Multiple choice, short answer, and extended writing

Career Progression

Students will develop skills in explaining scientific ideas, using mathematical skills and evaluating theories in extended writing. This gives students a range of skills that can be applied to many different A-level qualifications such as Biology, Mathematics, History and Law. 

The topics in Psychology lend themselves nicely to occupations in healthcare such as nursing, counselling, mental health practitioner, and therapy. As well as this, students develop a range of scientific skills that can be applied to neuroscience, psychiatry and medicine. Extended writing and evaluative skills would suit an individual who was interested in law, higher education and accountancy.

Subject Links

Biology, Mathematics, History, Sociology, and Philosophy.

Further Requirements

An interest in the biological sciences and a competency in extended writing is desirable.

This course is only available to students who have an average points score of 105 or higher from their KS2 data.