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Mrs Costin - Head of PE  
Mr Whale  - Second in charge
Ms Hurrell - KS4 Co-ordinator 
Mr Dale - KS3 Co-ordinator  
Mr Ashton 
Mr Price
Mr Ward  
Miss Woodman 

Curriculum Intent

Sport, exercise and physical activity is for all the ICC community.  We have the tag-line “at ICC we LOVE PE” to make it easy to show the aim of Physical Education at Ifield Community College. Through PE, our students:

L – Learn through sports and activities about how to move confidently, safely and effectively 

O – Opportunities to experience a broad range of sports and activities for participation and fitness and for competition, enjoyment and confidence 

V – Value sport and exercise and develop healthy habits for life 

E – Engage, participate and excel in sport and their health education to give a solid base to life after ICC 

In year 7, the aim is to foster a love of sport and exercise and remove any preconceptions of being ‘bad at sport’ that some students come with. Students are taught the national curriculum through a range of sports and the focus is building the ‘FUNdamentals’ of sport and exercise. Students get a broad range of activities to learn through and the focus is on developing fundamental motor skills, positive behaviours and habits in sport and exercise, rules and sport specific knowledge as well as our major focus; participation, participation, participation.

In year 8, students apply these skills to a wider variety of sporting situations and then develop their skills in sports that continue from year 7. This is the ‘under pressure’ unit where students must start applying their skills and ideas in more competitive situations. Students get a broader experience of sport and exercise but also a depth of understanding, to prepare for their KS4 foundation. Students also further develop their knowledge and understanding in sport and exercise starting to make links to sports and health theory for KS4 foundation.

The KS4 foundation year allows students to continue with their core PE lessons for 1 hour per week but can also choose Sport Science/Sport Studies/GCSE PE and/or Health and Social Care and/or Dance as an option. This gives an extra 4 hours of learning over the 2 weeks, which is split into practical and theory lessons (apart from in health and social care). This continues into studying these courses in year 10 and 11 alongside the core PE curriculum. Year 9 is a foundation year; giving students the focus of their GCSE/Vocational option subjects. The focus is on allowing deeper understanding and to broaden experience, thus making the jump to year 10/11 less so, as students have a greater depth of experience in the narrower subject choices. In sport studies, students consider their practical sport performance in more depth as they link the theory of skills, techniques and tactics to their own performances but also their own leadership. This unit links ks3 practical lessons to the demands of a ks4 coursework heavy subject as students log performance and practice leadership. 

Health and social care is a vocational course, not taught as a stand-alone subject in KS3, therefore, starting it in year 9, gives more time for the students to understand the course and the context of the subject and to have deeper knowledge in year 10-11. Alongside this, students still cover the core PE curriculum and therefore still experience a range of new and different sporting environments and develop their skills and knowledge further, without the pressure of assessment. 

PE Curriculum

KS3 Overviews 

KS4 Overviews & Disciplinary Literacy Framework

KS5 Overview


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