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Lead teacher - Mr Trebar
Email - 
Qualification  - BTEC 
Level - BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Music
Lessons per fortnight - 5

Course Outline 

The BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice is a practical introduction to life and work in the industry, students can explore the sector while:

• developing skills, including teamwork, leadership and communication

• developing and presenting music to a brief

• analysing, evaluating and enhancing their learning.

The course has two internally assessed components, and one that’s externally assessed: These components build on each other to motivate your students by helping them put what they’ve learned into practice and grow in confidence.

Exam Details

Component 1 Exploring Music Products and StylesWeighting: 30% Aim: explore musical styles and techniques, and gain an understanding of roles in the industryAssessment: internally assessed assignments

Component 2 Music Skills developmentWeighting: 30% Aim: develop musical knowledge, skills, and techniques and apply them to a music productAssessment: internally assessed assignments

Component 3 Responding to a Commercial Music BriefWeighting: 40% Aim: put skills into practice by responding to a brief as a composer, performer or producer Assessment: externally assessed task

Career Progression 

Music is all around us. It has the power to transform young people's lives, to build confidence, self-esteem and enjoyment. From picking up an instrument at school, to learning how to mix music on a computer; from jamming with friends in a homemade band to performing in an orchestra; the opportunities to make music from the conventional to the unconventional can open up a world of expression and creativity and can lead to a huge variety of different employment opportunities

Jobs directly related to Music include: Music Therapist, Musician, Private Music Teacher, Sound Technician, broadcasting/film/video, Music Journalist

Jobs where knowledge of Music would be useful include:  Arts Administrator, Broadcast Engineer, Community Arts Worker, Event Organiser, Radio Broadcast Assistant, Radio Producer, Theatre Stage Manager.

Subject Links 

Drama, Dance, ICT, English, Media Studies, Science, Maths, History and Geography. 

Further Requirements

This subject combines practical and theoretical aspects of music. Learning an instrument is an advantage and can be arranged online through West Sussex Music Service.