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History and Alumni

There are some people who make a lasting positive contribution to their community. We are fortunate locally to have had one such person in Sarah Robinson.

Sarah was a member of the Society of Friends in Ifield more than one hundred and fifty years ago. In 1852 she set about raising money to establish the first school in the village of Crawley. She approached local businesses to sponsor this venture in order to ensure that the children of Crawley had elementary education. She had nothing personal to gain; she simply wanted to do good for her community. Through her resolute determination Sarah Robinson was successful.

1956: The new Sarah Robinson Secondary Modern School buildings opened on the Ifield campus in 1956 and shared the campus with the newly opened Ifield County Grammar school built in 1955.
1966: After the two schools worked closely together they amalgamated to become Ifield Comprehensive School.
1986:  Ifield Comprehensive School was renamed to Ifield Community College(ICC). 
2005: In September, doors opened to the new state of the art building relocated from St Margarets Road to Crawley Avenue site.

Over the years there have been many Headteachers and a few changes of sites. The Headteacher, Mr Corbett who now leads ICC said "It is very humbling to think that our state of the art school buildings, housing over a thousand students, are directly descended from the work of a single individual who just wanted to make life better for the people around her".

July 2016 ICC celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of  amalgamation of the Modern Secondary school  and Ifield County Grammar school. Keen to mark this anniversary annually, the inaugural Sarah Robinson Commemorative Sponsored Charity Walk took take place on 8th July 2016 with every student and staff member participating. Every year 2 charities are nominated to receive donations from the good cause.  ICC would like students to recognise the power of doing something good for other people and the legacy this can have.

ICC also celebrated the anniversary by holding a cream tea and cake afternoon for current and past members of staff and students.