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Lead teacher - Mrs Fagan
Email - 
Qualification  - GCSE
Level - Grades 9 to 1
Lessons per fortnight - 5

Course Outline

Geography covers a variety of physical and human geography these that show how dynamic our world is and how people-environment interactions lead to change. The units covered are: 

  • Our Natural Word -  topics included are global hazards; changing climate; distinictive landscapes and ecosystems. 
  • People and Society -  topics are urban futures; dynamic development; UK in the 21st century and resource reliance. 
  • Geographical Exploration - a decisions making exercise and geographical skills. 

Fieldwork is compulsory and there will be one physical and one human geography based fieldwork day. 

 Exam Details

Exam Board - OCR B
Unit 1 'Our Natural World'  - 70 marks and worth 35% of the GCSE. Incorporates content of unit plus physical fieldwork questions. 
Unit 2 'People and Society' - 70 marks and worth 35% of the GCSE. Incorporates content of unit plus human fieldwork questions. 
Unit 3 'Geographical Exploration'  - 60 marks and worth 30% of the GCSE. Consists of decision making activity and synoptic skills. 

Career Progression

Geography is a subject that develops skills for the future and as such is useful for all careers. In particular, geography benefits any career which requires problem solving, decision making, report writing, data handling, thinking creatively and working independently. Geography provides the tools to help students communicate effectively bother verbally and in written form. 

GCSE Geography can lead to A levels in Geography as well as opening up the opportunity to study a broad range of other subjects at these levels. 

Subject Links 

Geography complements Science, History, Business Studies and Foreign Languages. 

Further Requirements 

There are no further requirements.