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Mrs Feasby

Entry Requirements: 

Grade 4 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and
Grade 4 in GCSE Geography and
Grade 4 in GCSE Maths

Course Overview

Geography takes students on an exciting journey around the world, whether it be looking at the physical                environment, the changing lives of people and their activities or environmental issues. Within geography we explore current issues of local,  national and global importance. On a local scale through the ‘Changing Places’ unit for       example, we investigate how Ifield has changed and compare it to Stratford in East London. Nationally, we study UK coastal and urban environments and compare to contrasting places in other countries. Globally we study a range of hazards and globalisation including how this affects our daily lives.

Through studying geography you will develop a broad range of transferable key skills.  Geography encourages strong analytical, critical thinking and evaluation skills allowing for clear, logical arguments from a range of perspectives. These skills are beneficial to all students and highly valued by universities, apprenticeships and employers. 

Exam Information: 

Duration: 2 Years
Exam Board: AQA                                                      

Mock examination in Year 12
Two examination papers plus one fieldwork based coursework.

Qualification Gained: 

A Level Geography

Career Opportunities: 

Environmental management, urban planning, landscape design, social work, meteorology, conservation,  surveying, armed forces, police, teaching, law, journalism, leisure and tourism, civil service, publishing, photography,  recreation management, advertising.

Subject Links: 

Biology, Physics, English Literature, Sociology, Psychology