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Lead teacher - Miss Vincent
Email -
Qualification - GCSE
Level - Foundation tier (grades 5-1)
          - Higher tier (9-4)
Lessons per fortnight – Four lessons in Year 9 Foundation Year and five lessons in Years 10 & 11

Course Outline

Using the four skills - listening, reading and writing to study the following themes:

  • Identity and Culture -  Relationships with family and friends, free-time activities, technology in everyday life. 
  • Local, national, international and global areas of interest -  Home and town, travel and tourism, healthy and unhealthy living, the environment, voluntary work. 
  • Current and future study and employment -  Life at school and career choices. 
Exam Details

Exam board - AQA

Four assessments consisting of: one listening, one reading, one speaking and one writing. Each assessment represents 25% of the final GCSE marks. 
Students may be entered for Foundation tier or Higher tier, all four assessments must be taken in the same tier.

Career Progression

Many universities favour candidates offering a second language and some employers offer higher salaries. 

A second language might also be used;

  • In further education, with law or other subjects
  • To work abroad
  • In catering, marketing, banking, media, fashion, travel and tourism, and engineering
Subject Links

English, Geography, History, Law, Media, Business Studies, Travel and Tourism. 

Further Requirements

You will need to develop confidence in speaking in a foreign language. Good literacy skills and the ability to develop strategies for memorising vocabulary and rules of grammar would be useful. 
You might also want to use the skill acquired in learning French to learn an additional language.