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Design and Technology

Lead teacher - Mrs Langridge
Email - 
Qualification  - GCSE
Level - Grades 9 - 1
Lessons per fortnight - 5

Course Outline 

Design & Technology is a diverse and creative subject where you will learn about food design principles and develop the knowledge and skills needed to make quality prototypes that solve real world problems. 

You will learn:

  • About new and emerging technologies, traditional materials and processes, electronics, mechanical systems, sustainability and social issues, CAD and CAM and the iterative design strategy. 
  • How to use Math in both manufacturing and designing, calculating costings and analysing data. You will become proficient in effective communication, problem solving and able to make quality prototypes from a range of materials. 
  • Drawing techniques including free hand, working drawings and CAD modelling as a means of communicating your ideas. Whilst you do not need to be an artist, and may think you cannot draw, this should not deter you from the course, but a can do is critical.

Design & Technology is a member of the STEM subjects and will well suit students who excel in Physics and Maths who wish to further their education post GCSE. 

This is a dynamic and fast paced subject that has lots to offer learners both in the classroom and post GCSE. Design & Technology will change the way you see the world around you and help you develop the skills and competitive edge you need moving forwards. 

Exam Details 

Exam board - AQA

Design & Technology has two units, the NEA and an end of year 11 exam.

The NEA – The non-exam assessment is worth 50% of your GCSE grade. Your teacher will guide you through the design process and you will research and eventually make a working prototype which aims to address a real world problem. Each pupil will have a unique prototype (practical) which they design and develop with the iterative design strategy.

The Exam – This is worth 50% of your GCSE grade. You will sit the exam at the end of year 11.

Career Progression

Design & Technology can be a great entry route for learners interested in Designing, Manufacturing or Engineering. The UK currently has a shortage of skilled workforce, especially engineers.

Crawley has excellent job opportunities in D&T related sectors and there are many opportunities available to apply for a range of apprenticeships or to further your study at University.

Find out more about engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships at

There is a real drive to get more women into engineering, so do not let gender stereotypes put you off, this could in fact be a real advantage in securing a high calibre engineering career. Find out more about women in engineering at


Subject Links 

Literacy, Maths, Science, Business, Art

Further Requirements

There are no further requirements.