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ICC students compete in the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge, UKROC.

Two teams of ICC students went to Lincoln to compete in the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge, UKROC.

Both teams needed to build and construct a rocket carefully to meet the weight and size restrictions of the mission statement whilst ensuring stability and performance. Additionally, they needed to create a secure compartment to protect the egg payload during the flight and landing. The ultimate goal was to achieve the desired flight time and altitude whilst ensuring a safe and intact landing for the egg.

The competition challenged the teams to demonstrate their engineering and problem-solving skills within the given constraints. It was an exciting opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of physics, aerodynamics, and team work to create successful rocket launches.

Team Icarus successfully recorded the best flight during their regional heats, however Team Maverick (a mix of year 8 and 10 students) went on to become the runners-up in the Southeast regional heats and 10th overall in the country.

Congratulations to all the students involved and hope to see you again next year.