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ICC Choir Perform at the Birmingham Symphony Hall

Music for Youth National Festival 2015, Wednesday 8th July

The Festival involved thousands of young talented musicians from across the country performing at Venues around Birmingham. ICC Choir performed at Birmingham Symphony Hall.


I thought you might be interested to see the combined feedback from the qualifying and final stages of the National Festival of Music for Youth 2015.

Best wishes,

Mr Allen, Head of Music


DENKO from Mali

This was a fantastic performance – you make a terrific sound that is committed, energetic and also takes care to be really blended. The rhythmic drive of faster section was compelling and, along with the superb delivery of the text you carried on singing through these rhythms too. You also achieved great effect with the large and sudden dynamic contrasts which were very detailed. Very well balanced against the drums. Lively and good part singing.


HOY COMAMOS Y BEBAMOS by Juan del Encina

Again you showed all the same qualities in this music and this was a performance with life and joy – the percussion and hand clapping add a real sense of spontaneity and impulsiveness. The sudden addition of an extra octave at the end is exhilarating.



What a song and what a performance – tight, focussed and the siren-wailing was really spine-tingling. You caught the tense atmosphere really well and allowed that tension to build by your controlled quiet singing through large parts of the piece. Then, when it demanded that you opened up, you did so brilliantly. Stunning ending. Very good vocal control and seamless transfer across the parts.



So good to hear such a skilful balance between drums and vocal parts. Again very fine, controlled vocal work. Convincing and stirring. Well done!


Congratulations on a really polished and virtuosic performance.


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