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ICT BTEC - New Course for 2023


Lead teacher - Ms Bouri
Qualification  - Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology (BTEC DIT)
Level - Level 2 qualification, grades 9 - 1
Lessons per fortnight - 5

Course Outline 

The digital sector is a major source of employment in the UK, with 90,000 jobs per week being advertised during 2020. Digital skills span all industries, and almost all jobs in the UK today require employees to have a good level of digital literacy. 

This course has a hands in approach that provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. Students develop key skill, such as user interface (UI) design and development and learn how to develop a project plan for their own UI designs. 

The course is made up of 3 units: 

Component 1:

Exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques - Students will develop their understanding of what makes an effective user interface and how to effectively manage a project. They will use this understanding to plan, design and create a user interface.

Component 2:

Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data - Students will understand the characteristics of data and information and how they help organisations in decision-making. They will use data manipulation methods to create a dashboard to present and draw conclusions from information.

Component 3:

Effective Digital Working Practices - Students will explore how organisations use digital systems and the wider implications associated with their use.

Exam Details

Component 1 and 2 are both coursework units. 
Component 3 is the exam unit - (1 hour 30 minutes)

Career Progression 

Students will have developed a practical understanding of the digital sector. The course can lead students to progress onto a Level 2 Technical Certificate or to a Level 3 programme, such as A Levels, T Level or a BTEC national, either on its own or in combination with A Levels. 

Subject Links

This course can compliment Media Studies, Business Studies and Design and Technology

This course is different from studying GCSEs, as, by taking part in different types of digital activities, it gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge, skills, and the techniques you learn in practical ways

Further Requirements