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ICC - Our Mission

To Live. 

To experience a wide range of the world’s wonders; cultural, human, scientific and technological. To smile and laugh in a respectful, positive community where bright minds and inspiring people are raised. To enjoy and appreciate the rich diversity around us and to value every individual for who they are.

To Learn. 

To give all students an opportunity to accomplish incredible things through a fair, positive and inclusive curriculum that helps them develop a passion for learning. To have engaging, stretching lessons and a wide choice so that all talents are recognised and flourish.

To Grow.

To grow adults who are independent, resourceful, resilient and happy, and a credit to their community. To give the opportunity for all students and staff to develop their skills, knowledge, and understanding for them to grow as individuals and ensure our school continues to grow.

Your feedback would be gratefully received by the Headteacher, Mr R Corbett